4424 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14616
9:30am-9pm Mon-Sat
12pm-5pm Sun
(585) 663-5650


What We Do

Family owned and located in Parkway Commons Plaza at the corner of Dewey Avenue and Latta Road in Greece, NY we have an ever growing selection of expertly chosen wines from around the world - everywhere from Napa to Naples (both Italy and New York)! We specialize in wines of impeccable quality at every price point.

Our eclectic collection of spirits is nothing to scoff at either. We love Bourbon as much as you do. We take pride in what we do and take our time to educate ourselves on the products we carry so that we can best help you find the next bottle in your wine or spirits journey.

Don't wait, come check us out!


Tastings & the wine club

Every Friday starting at 4:00pm we have at least six bottles of wine open and available for free tastings available to anyone 21 years of age or older. Come by to sip and chat with our resident wine expert, Matt Strassman.

While visiting make sure to ask about our “Wine Lover’s Club” in which you can save 10% off any wine purchase of $20 or more or 15% off of any wine purchase of $60 or more.



Sitting on our shelves we currently have over 1400 unique wines from around the world. We place an intense focus on quality of wine over quality of marketing. While you will still find big name brands, you will find many more small high quality grower producers adorning our shelves. We also have a very large organic, biodynamic, sustainable, and even vegan friendly selection.


#Whiskeyonthewestside & Other Spirits

We have an unrivaled selection of whiskey from around the world. Be it Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Irish, Japanese, and beyond. We have everything from old-time favorites to craft expressions to obscurities only found in hidden corners of the world.

Beyond the ‘Great Wall of Whiskey’ we have an eclectic array of gins, rums, tequilas, brandies, vodkas, and other specialty spirits and cordials. You’ll even find regional specialties like mezcal, sotol, soju, arak, slivovitz, and more.


“Wine is something amazing that should be shared comfortably and be accessible to everyone.”

Matt Strassman |  General Manager


The Parkway Story

Parkway Discount Wine and Liquor has been a part of the Greece community for the past twenty years. For the past ten years father and son team Jeff and Matt have owned and operated the business with an intense focus on making the best quality wines and spirits from around the world accessible at affordable prices. They also place a heavy importance on staff education and ensure that at all times you will have someone to talk to with all of your wine and spirits questions.

The Wine

Their unique approach to acquiring much of their wine from direct importers and boutique distributors is evident in the eclectic assortment of over 1400 different wines from every corner of the globe available on their shelves. In dealing with direct importers the quality of wine can be absolutely top notch while the prices remain affordable. Matt has the painstaking task of tasting countless wines from around the world before deciding whether or not to purchase them for the store. No new product goes untasted. The philosophy here is that you can and will get more wine for your money, at every price point - and you don’t even need to leave the neighborhood to get it! #WineOnTheWestside

The ‘Great Wall of Whiskey’

The focus on quality, affordability, and variety doesn’t stop with the wine; it continues on into spirits as well - especially whiskey. The entire side wall of the store is solely dedicated to it! Much like in wine, you’ll find things from all over the world: Japan, Scotland, Canada, Ireland, France, -- even South Africa and India! That’s not to mention the incredible variety of whiskies that can be found from coast-to-coast in the United States including bourbon, rye, and beyond. Rare and allocated whiskies, when they come around, are included in the philosophy of affordability and accessibility. They are always available to anyone and at fair retail prices.

The Spirits

At Parkway you will find an array of gin, tequila, rum, brandy, vodka, and beyond be it for mixing or sipping. You’ll find everything from the best of the big names to crafty obscurities from around the world.